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The first Head appeared out of nowhere on an Autumn afternoon.

Then the Heads are born one after the other.

Figures of dreams, impressions of a face crossed in the street,

memory of an image glimpsed on glossy paper or coming straight from my unconscious...

At the same time symbol, expression of a feeling or a state, imaginary character or figure of speech.

They sympose to me.

So from Tête à Tête a path takes shape, that of a heady journey that I wish to share today. 

​Head 1
​Head 5
​Head 9
​Head 2
​Head 6
​Head 10
​Head 3
​Head 7
​Head 11
​Head 4
​Head 8
​Head 12
​Head 13
​Head 14
​Head 15
Head 16
Head 17
​Head 21
Head 18
Head 18
​Head 22
​Head 22
Head 19
​Head 20
​Head 29
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